Dirty Little Doe



Dirty Little Doe

$35 (includes shipping and handling)

The DIRTY LITTLE DOE is a Breeding Bellow call designed to be used during the late pre-rut phase and the rutting or breeding cycle. Unlike other estrus calls which say "I am here, come chase me," the Dirty Little Doe produces the sound of a doe when she is ready to stand for breeding and is much more effective for mature,wary bucks.

The Dirty Little Doe's sound chamber is made with a special rubberized plastic to simulate the doe's throat and palate,along with a custom reed that together make the most realistic sound possible the patent pending "tone control valve" creates proper air passage through the call allowing anyone to create proper vocalization with ease.

This call can be used as a visual or a blind call because the custom reed allows for more volume while retaining proper tone. Each call is made in the USA and tuned before it leaves so you can be assured the call is ready to deliver outstanding results.

If you have a buck chasing a doe, call loud enough for the doe to here it. If she is not quite ready, she will bring the buck by the stand trying to shake him off to the hot doe that's making that breeding bellow "you the hunter".

The grunt call will make all of the other vocalizations that deer make buck doe or fawn.